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With this app you can manage your testraces during training sessions.
You can create a new race from the saved crews.
Starting in groups with a time offset is possible.
The results are saved to your smartphone and can also be sent via mail.
The app is available for iOS and for Android.

List of athletes

The list is sorted by age class and weight class. The age class is automatically calculated based on the date of birth and can change at the end of the year.

Edit an athlete

You can set the first and last name, the gender, the weight class and the date of birth.
The age class is calculated automatically.

List of crews

The crews are sorted by age class and boat type.

Edit a crew

To make the input task easier you only have to give the boat class and the crew members.
The age class and weight class is calculated automatically. The oldest member sets the age class.
Lightweight is only set, if all of the members are lightweight.
The name of the boat is optional.

Creating a race

You have to set the distance and the participating crews.
You can arrange the participants in different groups in order to make separate starts for each group.
So you can make one race with different ages and/or boat classes.

Start of a race

The participants are sorted in their groups.
The groups can now be started one after the other.

Start of first group

The first group is already on its way. The other one has to wait.

Race almost finished

One boat has already finished, the other two are still on their way.
The lowest button is for measuring the stroke rate.


The race is finished and can be viewed in the list of results.
The results can be sent via mail to your account.